Fruits and Vegetables

Experience the taste of home with our selection of the freshest fruit and vegetables. Sourced to bring the vibrant flavors of Africa to Lithuania and Baltics as a whole, our produce connects you to your roots and enriches every meal.



Food Essentials

Discover the essentials that bring the heart of Africa to your kitchen. Our carefully curated selection of spices, grains, and traditional ingredients ensures you can create authentic dishes that remind you of home. Whether you're cooking for family or introducing friends to African cuisine, our products help you share the rich flavors and culture of our heritage.



for Black Skin and Hair

Embrace your natural beauty with our range of cosmetics designed specifically for Black skin and hair. From nourishing skincare to hydrating hair products, our collection caters to your unique needs, enhancing your glow and celebrating your heritage. Discover products that understand and honor your beauty.