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Fresh Green Plantain(1kg)/Švieži Žali Plantainai(1kg)

Fresh Green Plantain(1kg)/Švieži Žali Plantainai(1kg)

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How to Ripen Green Plantains Quickly 

  1. Use a Paper Bag: To speed up ripening, place the plantains in a paper bag. Add an apple or banana to the bag to expedite the process, as these fruits release ethylene gas, which encourages ripening.
  2. Wrap for Warmth: Next, envelop the plastic bag with your plantains in a blanket or warm clothes. The added warmth and insulation further speed up ripening.
  3. Check Progress: Inspect your plantains daily. They'll transition from green to yellow, and finally to black. When they are yellow and with black spots, they are perfectly ripe.
  4. Extend Freshness: Once ripened to your liking, you can slow down further ripening by placing the plantains in the refrigerator. This will extend their shelf life for a few more days. 
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